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The Rochester Education Alliance of Labor (REAL) was established to improve the quality of education and to prepare youth for the world of work.

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Toward this end REAL coordinated the efforts of local teachers, labor educators and rank and file union members to develop curriculum materials appropriate for different education levels:

  • Smugtown Video Study Guide, a 45-minute video documentary which begins to tell the story of Rochester's workers, radicals and reformers: their work, their unions, their struggles for social justice.
  • Coloring Book Workbook. Eight worksheets with work-related excercises based on the 31 occupations illustrated in the Community of Workers Coloring Book.
  • Rochester: A Community of Workers, a web exhibit documenting the work of members of unions affiliated with the Rochester Labor Council. Based on an exhibit of 100 black-and-white photos of these workers, accompanied by excerpts from worksite interviews with them. Displayed at many schools and conferences.
  • REAL WorkGuide, a pocket-size booklet that addresses high school students' questions about the world of work. One section traces the changing US economy over the past 50 years while another deals with workplace issues such as pay, safety, rights, and unions.




Smugtown Video Study Guide
Activities and Exercises for each section of "Struggle in Smugtown"

Coloring Book Workbook
Student version includes eight worksheets. Download the Student version »
Teacher's version includes worksheets with notes and answer keys. Download the Teachers version »

Rochester: A Community of Workers
A photography exhibit documenting the work of members of unions affiliated with the Rochester Labor Council.

REAL WorkGuide
The changing economy and workplace issues.