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Automobile Workers, UAW Local 1097/A. C. Rochester Division

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This is MPFI assembly,
Which is multi-port fuel injection.
Here you have an injector for each cylinder.
It injects the gasoline automatically into each cylinder.
All the cars have fuel injection now.
Different shapes, completely different shapes.

They’re building a MPFI.
What happens here is
Instead of sitting above the engine
The fuel system sits almost directly
Over the top of the cylinder of the car.
You have two ports — an intake port
And an exhaust port — on each cylinder.
As the intake port is opened
The computer in the car
Tells these injectors on the rail
To press fuel into the port.

It’s a CPI unit fuel system.
I put it through a series of leak checks.
The first leak I’m checking is for the regulator —
The valve and seat.
And then I’m looking for a leak
Out of one of the poppets, here.
Then I will do a complete flow analysis,
Where I actually run the fuel system itself on a test stand.
I do static flow, dynamic flow, static pressure,
And at the same time this will do distribution —
I will get an exact amount of fuel
That’s coming out of the measured amount of fuel
For each one of those six poppets
That are spraying fuel into a cylinder.

Work is where we go every day. This is what we do.