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Teamsters Local 118/United Parcel Service

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It comes in, it’s all mixed up.
They sort in into different areas
And then it goes into specific routes.
There’s two centers — the East side
And I’m on this side, the West.
We have twenty-eight routes here.
They break them down right here
Into specific streets.
Sorting starts at eleven at night
And finishes up about seven-thirty in the morning.
Everything is all loaded, the doors are all shut.
The drivers can come in,
Pick up their trucks, and go.

Per day we’re doing 20,000 pieces.
Figure five days, that’s about 100,000 a week.
That’s delivery, that’s not pick-up.
Pick-up, around 10,000 a day.
Our guys do about 1,100 miles a day.

In this building we’ve got,
With the sorters,
We’ve got 175 to 200.
And then in Henrietta we’ve got 300 out there.
And in Batavia we’ve got another maybe 75.
So the whole thing is about 600 people.