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New York State United Teachers, Local 2969/Rush Henrietta School District

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To meet the demands of this education reform movement
And to experiment, teachers need time
To do the planning and preparation
And they just don’t have that time during the workday itself.
And so what the districts are asking of these teachers
Is almost insurmountable
And that is to work a sixteen to eighteen hour day.

Technology, for the most part,
As far as teachers are concerned,
Has been beneficial. The different types of programs
That you can put on a computer, etcetera,
Teachers have found this a great teaching aid.

What we have to do is scheduling.
We have to figure out their individual programs,
What their majors are, what classes they need,
That their transcripts are updated,
If they’ve got any summer school classes.
So one person’s got to go and get the grade from that,
And another person is checking the transcript,
The other person is writing down their schedule.
It takes a lot of people.

I check passes. I do so much. I show students to classes
If they don’t know where they are. I do some study halls.
I run any kind of errands the school needs help with —
I might bring something into the main office for a teacher.
We work in the office, the library. Sometimes we put labels
On envelopes for large mailings. Break up fights.
We monitor in the lunchroom. We talk to students a lot.
They really confide in us a lot — their personal problems.
They borrow money when they forget their lunch money.
It’s just like being a housewife, you know:
Do everything but nobody pays any attention to you.