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American Postal Workers Union, Local 215/
U.S. Postal Service, General Mail Facility

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Well over a million pieces of mail
Go through this facility each day.
In a city the size of Rochester,
If we still sorted the mail manually —
Manual distribution with the pigeon holes,
Red Wing Stadium wouldn’t be big enough
To set up the amount of manual cases that you’d need.

The mail hits the dock here.
It’s got to be separated by zip code.
The mail handlers unload the trucks and separate the sacks.
And then they’re moved to clerical operations where,
If it’s what we call machinable main or automated mail,
It either goes onto a certain type of machine to be sorted
Or, if it can’t be, if it’s non-machinable mail,
Then it goes into manual operations
Where they sort parcels and flats and large pieces
Manually by zip code.

There’s four of us.
Each of us has one of these machines.
There’s a girl mechanic, she has that machine.
And I have this machine.
Another man has that machine,
Another one has that machine.
And these are our machines every day.
Just about every sack comes through
One of these four machines.
We do quite a bit.
We keep pretty busy here.
These machines have got to be perfect,
They’ve got to run.
This is our responsibility.
If there’s a problem
That cannot be repaired during the night
Then when we come in in the morning
We’ve got to troubleshoot and repair it.