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Hotel Employees, Restaurant Employees & Nursing-Home Organized Workers, Local 466/ Wesley-on-East

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Nursing home


Nursing home

I was a nurse here for thirty years.
Well, it went by fast. Left me in good shape,
So it didn’t hurt me. They called me back a couple of times,
Wanted to know if I could come back
And just help them out.
I come in and work a couple of days
And I’m happy — you know —
Because the most important thing is being happy.
I have to keep it in my mind that I’m retired.
Things now, nothing is going to come to me.
I’ve got to go to it,
I’ve got to go to things.

We have different levels of environmental service workers.
Level one is laundry — cleaning resident areas.
Level two is fresh linen — they pull the carts back and forth
With clean linen and so forth.
Level three is the heavy equipment area.
All of us in environmental services just say “Housekeeping.”

We have all the floors — two, three, four, five, six, seven.
We sort them out by names and we have a list over here
    to refer to —
If you’re not sure which resident is in which room
Or if there’s any changes — to keep us up to date of
    who’s where.
We just put them in the bag according to the floor.
They get sorted as to room number over in the linen room
And passed out on the floors.