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Newspaper Guild, Local 17; Graphic Communications International Union,
Local 503/Gannett Rochester Publishers

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That’s called a folder.
You have four units here
And four units down here
That have printing plates on them.
All the webs come through
From the superstructure up on top
And are correlated in order.
Some come to the lower formers
And some go to the upper formers.
Those are two vee pans —
Up on top you have the B and D section,
And on the bottom you have the A and C section
And we put them in where they belong —
In order — A, B, C, D.
They come in and then they go
Into the cutting cylinder.
They come around —
There’s a knife in there
That cuts the paper and it grabs it.
It’s a tucker blade and it chop-hits it
Into a set of folding rollers
That are turning counter-clockwise
And it comes out the conveyors all folded.

Mechanics. This is what we write on.
It’s the tool we all use. It’s into a mainframe.
It’s a marvelous word processing system.
This is so wonderful, it’s so fast.
One push of a key and you can look at the copy
That we have available to us.
We probably have access to fifteen thousand wire
Stories at a given time on national wire, the Washington
Wire, the state wire, the international wire.
We have a disk on the roof and it goes into memory
On the mainframe here and it’s on a writeover program.

Most of the copy goes through this desk here.
The reporter writes it out on tubes, sends it
To the City Desk or to one of the editors
Who would consider it for page one — all electronic.
It doesn’t become hard copy
Until it’s downstairs in the composing room
And it comes out as film and it’s pasted up
And then it goes into a camera room
Where it’s photographed and becomes a plate
And goes on the press.
It’s quite different than it was a few years back.
New World.