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Letter Carriers Local 210/U.S. Postal Service, Cumberland Branch

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The really good routes, you find the senior guys.
That’s where the old guys are.
They’ve got the really good routes.
Everything here is organization.
I guess the rule would be ‘never do anything twice.’
Just get it done once.
In this case I’ve got probably 300 names that have moved.
I’ve got about 500 names of people who are here.
Every time I look at a letter I have to remember
Is he here or has he moved?
If he’s moved it goes down there, to be forwarded.
If he’s here it goes here to be delivered.
It’s all memory.

They have route inspectors.
What they’ll do is they actually time you —
How long it takes to do your route.
You can do a route in seven hours,
You’re going to get an hour additional.
You can do your route in nine, they’ll cut your run.
Volume determines how long the route is.
Usually the average is about three hours inside,
Anywhere from five to six hours on the street.

It’s more or less on the job training.
What they do is they give them a week —
It used to be three days.
They go in Monday for an orientation
And they go over some of the manuals
Of what a carrier’s route is supposed to be.
And then there’s orientation at the Post Office
They have a regular carrier show them how to pitch the mail
And how to move the mail, so they get accustomed to it.
They’ll do that for a couple of days and then
The remainder of the week they’ll actually walk with a carrier
And see what has to be done on the outside.
Then after that they’ll give them a route and say ‘Go do it.’


What’s changed is you have more deliveries per job.
Everybody has a vehicle.
When I started we didn’t have vehicles.
We had what they called ‘bus routes.’
You used to wear your satchel.
As long as you had that you could get on the bus
And ride the bus for nothing.
Go out to your route, deliver it.
Now we don’t have to take the bus.
So then they determined because we have the jeep
We ought to go out quicker,
So we can do more work.