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Laborers International Union of North America, Local 435/State - Mount Hope Sewer Tunnel System Project (GC&F)

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Tunnel Roofers

They like experienced drillers,
Drillers experienced with concrete work —
Concrete forms —
Because they’ve got special forms down here.
Laborers do all the carpenter work in the tunnel,
Do all the iron work in the tunnel.

You always have to be on guard.
There’s all these accidents
Waiting to happen...

See that board with all the rings on it?
When a man goes in the tunnel
He flips his ring over.
It shows you’re in the tunnel
If they have a problem in the tunnel,
An accident or something.
When a man comes out he flips it over,
Saying he’s out.
That means
If a man don’t flip it over,
He’s still someplace down in there.