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Hotel Employees, Restaurant Employees & Nursing Home Organized Workers, Local 466/Rochester Riverside Convention Center

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Setting banquet table


Setting up for banquet


Setting banquet table


Serving at banquet

All right, listen up.
Tonight we’re going to have cocktail servers at the tables.
They’ve got about five tables per server.
So if anyone turns to you and asks for a cocktail,
Just take a look on the board where your station is,
And they’ll be able to handle the drinks.
Seven-fifteen are doors
And then they’re going to have the welcome and the prayer.
About seven-forty we’ll have the dinner.
There’s an appetizer tonight —
Cheese tortellini with julienne prosciutto ham
And a pesto cream sauce:
That one you’ll serve hot
On a dinner plate with a doily.
Then we’re going to go with the mixed green salad —
Italian herb vinaigrette on the table.
The entree tonight
Is four ounce filet mingon with bordelaise,
And then we’ve got the four ounce chicken filet
With lemon basil butter, red jacket potatoes,
Frozen butter — butter’s on the table,
Roll’s’ll be in the hot box...
Let’s go with rolls with the salad.
Then we have the coffee —
Breakdown/pickup coffee station
North, south kitchens —
And the dessert’s going to be trays of petits fours,
Chocolate-dripped strawberries with Grand Marnier.
At nine forty-five five of you
Are going to do the ice cream station.
Everyone else will stay on the floor and clear.