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1199 Rochester Hospital and Healthcare Employees Union,
SEIU/ Strong Memorial Hospital

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We cook for the whole staff —
Patients and staff.
We prepare a lot of food...
At least seven hundred per meal for patients alone,
And that’s not counting the cafeteria.
Four to five thousand each lunch
Goes through that line,
Between salad bar, fast food, sandwiches,
Main entree.

Well, I’ll tell you the truth.
I learned what I know right here.
Most everybody here in the shop
Can do most everything.

This is a plastic jacket, see.
This is ethylene, see, and it’s had a pad in it.
The person is old.
When they get old they need a little padding, see,
They need it a little softer some.
Because you can’t correct a person my age.
When they get old all you can do
Is hold what they’ve got there.
Try to keep it from getting worse.
Take a little pain out of it.
That’s all there is to that.