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United Food & Commercial Workers, District 1/Tops Friendly Markets

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I’m from this area,
So I know a lot of the people out here.
And it’s been a real thrill trying to deal
With them on this line.
I see these people every day.
Also, I know a few of the farmers around here.
With corn all I have to tell people around here is
“Well, I’m getting my corn from Bauman’s.”
That’s all I have to say.
He’s got the reputation.
People want to see that you’re loyal.

I have this machine here.
People don’t realize it
But the machine makes that bagel
And forms it into a circle.
I was amazed the first time I saw it.
It makes a tunnel.
Different doughs go through differently.
This one goes through beautifully.
We’ve got cinnamon raisin will go through
And you’ve got to do a little bit more handwork.
We’re making close to ten thousand bagels a week —
That’s quite a few.
Lucky for modern machinery.
I’ve seen a film from New York City.
Guys were throwing them by hand. Amazing!

The breads vary. We’ll do fifteen hundred French,
Fifteen hundred Italian, and one thousand Vienna.
This time of year we do more rolls, a lot of rolls —
Your hot dog and hamburger...
This time of year you can’t keep up with those.
A hot weekend, they’re gone.
You actually have to check the weather.
We’ll make the dough Friday for Saturday.