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International Association of Firefighters, Local 1071/
City of Rochester

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Firefighter and hydrant


Checking smoke detectors

We’ve got all kinds of different programs.
At night we go around inspecting actual dwellings.
We check to see if they’ve got smoke detectors
And if their numbers are visible on the front.
During the morning we’re out doing sprinklers:
We go mainly to businesses
To see where their connections are located —
The shut-off valves, the hook-up valves.
In the afternoon we do building inspections —
Storefronts and so on.
So, right around the clock they’ve got us doing something.
And in between we inspect the hydrants
To make sure they’re working.
And when school starts the school program kicks in.
We’ve got our annual school inspection
And then, through the Fire Prevention Bureau,
We’ll go to a couple of schools in our district,
Give talks on fire safety and exit drill in the home.
There’s constantly something going on.

Actual firefighting, actual at the fires,
Is five percent.
Everything else is building up to it —
Training, all the other stuff.
Thank God.
If it was all firefighting
We’d be dead.