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Board of Education Non-Teaching Employees, American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, Local 2419/Rochester City School District

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We build science kits for the schools.
We build fifty or sixty different types of kits.
The first week of school
We have two hundred kits going out
And each week is eight, one hundred.
We send out turtles and fish —
Every year we do tadpoles at the end of the year
And the kids watch them turn over to frogs.
We have to go to the creeks and get them.
And crayfish — we have to order crayfish —
And they go in kits to the kids.
And we’ve got to send pond water
To keep the tadpoles alive.

We have about ninety school buses for the City
   School District.
We’ve got a lot of other vehicles too, plus pickups—
At least a hundred and ten trucks and dump trucks,
Medical motors and ARCs, tractors, station wagons.
We probably have a couple hundred vehicles.

Every day of the year we’re always doing something.
We’ve got the central kitchen, the storehouse,
Book depository, film library, office machine repair.
We’ve got plant maintenance —
Electricians, plumbers, carpenters, painters.