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International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades, Local 150;
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 86;
International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local 85;
Marble and Tile Workers, Local 75;
Sheetmetal Workers International Association, Local 46;
International Union of Elevator Constructors, Local 27/
Clinton Square Project (Le Cesse)

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Painting — it’s habits, just habits.
If you’ve got a good habit
You’re going to do it with your painting —
You finish what you’ve started.
So what you’re trying to mostly teach the kids
Is to finish what they start
And get good work habits.
But they don’t want to hear it.
Their mothers were supposed to give them the habits
When they started to get raised.

PainterWorking with marble


Working with marble

This marble is from Brescia.
It’s called “Brescia Novella.”
Downstairs there’s four different kinds of marble.
“Rojo Alecante,” which is from Spain.
It’s all natural stone.
Some of it has veining problems,
Which makes it a little trickier.
Some will break easier than others.
The slabs down there on the walls
Were out of pieces out of our shop
That were about four foot wide
And eight to nine foot long.
Then we cut them and size them
And polish it.

You run the brackets and the rails first
And then these — what we call the “car swing”—
Like the side piece,
something similar on the bottom,
And you build that and you have a square platform
You swing in and you set that up.
Then you’ve got your swing platform
You cable it up,
Maybe run your traveling cables here
And your control wire and whatnot.
We work off that platform
Hang our doors, do our ductwork and conduit runs
For your lights, switches and whatnot.
Then you put the governor cable and,
Once the safety is on, you put that on.
And then we leave one set of doors,
One entrance out, one on the floors
Preferably the first floor
And we build the cab.
And that’s your basic installation.

It’s like gold here.
I bet they’ve got one hundred fifty
Two hundred thousand dollars worth of wooden
   work in here.
Well, it’s a lawyers building.
Oh, well, in the end quality is the best.
We don’t come across anything like this. I mean,
We do have walnut trim, but usually not so massive.
This is the way they used to do it at the turn of the century.
You know ten foot ceilings, eight foot doors.
These doors here are eleven foot.