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National Association of Broadcast Employees and Technicians, Local 22;
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Local 223/

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It’s all electronic photography.
This camera, with the exception of a few controls here —
Most of the alignment and that sort of thing
Is done from a remote location in the studio.

The only thing that automation will really do
Is make things run the way they’re intended to.
Basically, we’re not going to replace any people,
But rather we’re just going to improve upon
What the equipment itself can do.

We keep a written log
Of everything that goes on the air
Actually, this machine also keeps track
Of all the commercials that go on the air.
There’s a printout over there
And every time we run one
It puts it down the exact time it ran.
That machine holds forty different announcements.

This is their newest piece of equipment
That runs our commercials on the air.
It’s also intelligent enough,
With a couple of wiring changes
And a slight change in software,
To run the whole shebang.

You either go to college for four years
And pay fifty thousand dollars
Or you can come in here and get hired
And learn in about a week.
I did both.
Everything is different in television —
Drama is different from news is different from whatever.
It’s so varied that they can teach you the basic principles
But they can’t teach you the specific procedure
And every station’s specific procedure is different.