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Bricklayers Local 11/Greece Arcadia School District

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This is a retaining wall.
It’s cement block in the middle,
Brick on both sides, for looks.
It has to be filled with rods
And filled solid, for strength.
Brick is forever.
It’s hard, it lasts forever.

You lay it out down at the bottom.
The first course, you lay it out
So you know where everything’s going to go.
And then you go right up,
You just follow the layout on the bottom
And when you’re coming up
Everything just fits as you go along.
The line goes from one end to the other
And you lay the brick to the line.
The brick are the same length.
One guy can start at one end
And another guy can start at the other end
And when they come in the middle
You’ve got that one brick left.

This school was started last October.
October, November, December,
January, February, March, April.
May it’s gonna be done.
You’ve got eight months.
You’ve put in over half a million bricks
And a lot of block.
I think years ago it would have taken
At least a year and a half to do the job.

All the mortar is mixed automatically out of a batcher.
Instead of utilizing a laborer with a machine
And having the guy pick up the bags of cement and sand,
This comes in with the sand and the mortar’s already into it.
They come in with a machine
And they hook up these big hoses to it
And they blow it in and fill it right up.
It’s all computerized.
You just get the right amount of water
And the right amount of sand
And you get a steady mix and it never changes color,
It’s always the same consistency.
The masons really like it.
A regular machine, sometimes it’s too stiff or too wet
Or you get little stones in it.
The main thing with a mason is that it’s always consistent,
The mortar’s always the same.
You save a lot of time.