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Carpenters Local 85; Laborers Local 435; Iron Workers Local 33;
Electrical Workers Local 86/Airport Expansion Project

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Four iron workers and rebar


Work on curving garage ramp

It’s got to all be in sequence —
One, two, three, four, five.
And you’ve got to stick with it,
You can’t jump around.
You’ve got to hang right in there.
Everybody has a part to do.
If that guy falls behind,
Everybody else falls behind.

This is very interesting.
I like it a lot because it’s outside work
And I’m always doing different jobs.
Putting in the lights is difficult
Because it’s a lot of concrete
And it’s a whole different type of work
Getting the pipe in the concrete.
We put the pipe in before they pour
And then they pour
And then we pull the wire.

Steamrolling asphalt


Shoveling asphalt

There’s a lot more to it than people realize.
The finished project is all people see.
They don’t see the grades,
The drainage that went in underneath there.
All they see is the finished project.
It’s just a lot to putting it down, rolling it.
There’s a lot to it.
People just don’t realize how much work there is to it.
This type of blacktop, we should hit it three times.
We’ve rolled this all once
And you’ve got to let it set for a while.
Then you can roll it again
And the third time
It should be just to take out your little creases.
You’ve got to be right on.
They won’t give us a half inch.
You’ve got to develop your own style.
I like to get it perfect:
It makes me know I know what I’m doing.
I didn’t want to get stuck on one piece of equipment,
So I learned more than one piece.
When you stop learning you stop living.

Carpenter wth circular saw


Carpenters on scaffolding


Worker with tar roller


Airport garage construction