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Textile Workers, ACTWU Local 3-T/Schlegel

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We have three different product areas.
We make rubber stripping for doors and windows —
A urethane foam product.
We do plastics profile extrusion,
Mainly for automotive —
Interior trim parts on your car —
And the other area is textile-type
Specialty products
That end up as components in office equipment —
We make cleaning brushes for copiers,
We make static removal brushes,
Light and dust seals.

This is just another one of the special fabrics
That we weave
And it ends up on a finished brush.
This is a very special unique kind of fiber
Used on a cleaning brush application
For copier machines.
Then we take this
And wind it on long forms
And it will yield,
Depending on the length of the brush,
Six or seven brushes.

The process itself starts with big rolls of liner.
This is the outside padding to the foam.
Most of it is vinyl.
It comes in different thicknesses.
We slit it to the various widths
Depending upon the finish profile we’re working on the line.
What he’s doing here, is
We’ve got a basic foam part and he’s applying tape to it
So it can be mounted to whatever surface we’re mounting to.
Most of it is used in the building and product industry
For doors and window sealing.

This is a static eliminator brush for a copier machine.
He’s punching holes — he’s a punch operator.
There’s little burrs on the punch holes
After they’re punched
And that goes to a sander —
There’s a belt in there that sands off the holes.
It used to be done by hand.
A lot of these processes used to be done by hand.
This department was notorious for carpal tunnel.

Making corrugated board spool


Worker in sunglasses and cap