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Rochester Labor History & Labor Education

Learning the history of work and the history of our unions here in Rochester.

Educating ourselves, our students and our community about our work and our unions today.


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Films for Interesting Times

A joint effort of the Dryden Theatre and the Rochester Labor Council, the Rochester Labor Film Series presents motion pictures celebrating workers around the world. The first film program of this kind in the nation, we show dramas, comedies and current documentaries on important issues relating to work and workers, especially aspects of work often marginalized or absent in dominant commercial media. Our films from around the world are selected to inform, provoke and inspire.

This year’s Program is composed of films that depict the forces, be they direct or from afar, that shape workers’ lives. Life-draining features of the bureaucratic workplace are poignantly portrayed in Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 classic, Ikiru, and its 2022 remake set in England, Living. Carambolages depicts a worker’s comical attempts to move up the company ladder in a firm in France. In The American Dream and Other Fairy Tales, Abigail Disney gives an inside candid account of heartless company policies behind the wholesome façade of her family’s amusement empire. Bad Axe documents the struggles of a multi-racial family to maintain the American dream during the national tumult over the pandemic and far-right politics. The power of patriarchy to span time and place is seen in the story of a woman CEO during the 1930s in Female and in the documentary on a women-run Indian newspaper in Writing with Fire. The struggles between labor and the state over national welfare policy are presented in The Spirit of ’45 for post-war Britain, and for contemporary Chile in My Imaginary Country.

Learn About the 2023 Labor Film Screenings this Fall

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Read the Report on COVID-19 and Rochester Labor

Throughout this panicked and unsettling time, critical services still had to be delivered. This report briefly documents the response of organized labor in Rochester, New York, to safeguard members who bravely worked each day to deliver essential services.
— Dan Maloney, President, Rochester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation AFL-CIO

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RochesterLabor.org is sponsored by the Ronald G. Pettengill Labor Education Fund.

Educational events include the the annual Labor Film Series at the George Eastman Museum, the Labor Lyceum and occasional events such as conferences, workshops, and concerts.


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