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  1. The early schools of Rochester required parents to pay for their childrens' education in money, wood, or services. Explain what this means. How do parents pay today?
  2. Initially black and white children went to the same Rochester schools. Why was a school for Black Americans opened in 1841? Why did it close? Should schools be integrated today?
  3. For many years, despite comparable work loads, male teachers earned more than twice the salary of female teachers. Why do you think this was so? Was it fair? Does this happen today? Was it a good idea for the Rochester teachers to organize a union?
  4. 4. Explain what you think are the differences between education and training.


  1. Observe and interview one of your teachers, then write a paper about the work of teaching.
  2. Interview a union representative in your school. Report on education worker protections.
  3. Research technical instruction in Rochester (e.g. Mechanics Institute/RIT, MCC, Edison Tech) and prepare a report on employers' influence on education.
  4. Research the educational opportunities available to recent immigrants to Rochester.










mechanic: today this word designates workers who work with tools to repair and maintain machines, but it used to describe any manual (or blue collar) worker.


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