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Topics » Structure & Governance


This topic deals with matters of the structure and governance of Rochester’s central labor bodies (CLBs): affiliation, representation, voting, leadership, and operating procedures.

We start with Affiliation, because to understand Rochester’s central labor bodies it is necessary first to understand their composition. This section covers:

  • eligibility (criteria for membership in these central bodies), and
  • per capita dues paid by affiliates to sustain CLB programs

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The next section covers aspects of delegates’ Representation at the central labor bodies, including:

  • meetings (frequency and location),
  • credentials (procedure for becoming a delegate and for allocating representation based on union membership),
  • voting (rules for counting votes),
  • attendance (extent of delegate participation), and
  • minutes (official records of meetings).

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This section deals with formal aspects of Governance:

  • constitution and by-laws (operating principles and procedures approved by the national labor organization)
  • officers (elected leadership positions)
  • elections (frequency and process)

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This section describes Key Roles played within the CLB by :

  • The Executive Board (leadership, coordination)
  • Standing Committees (develop, implement CLB programs)
  • CLB Staff (implement programs, coordination)

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