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parade photo in labor newspaper
Labor Day Parade, 1920, photographer unknown, published in Labor Herald, September 25, 1920
Garment workers lable
United Garment Workers Union label
Sequicentennial publication cover
Cover of All These Years of Effort: 150 Years of Rochester's Central Labor Councils. View larger image »


About the Authors

Jonathan Garlock and Linda H. Donahue are Rochester-based labor educators who have worked together on publications such as the Rochester Labor History Map/Guide (2000), a video history and curriculum Struggle in Smugtown: Rochester’s Workers, Radicals and Reformers (2002) and a book, All These Years of Effort: 150 Years of Rochester’s Central Labor Councils (2005).

A writer and labor historian, Dr. Garlock serves on the Executive Board of the Rochester Labor Council, chairing its Education Committee and coordinating work-based curriculum projects of the Rochester Education Alliance of Labor (REAL).

Linda H. Donahue has worked with Cornell-ILR in Rochester for over thirty years administering college credit courses and training programs for union members and other working people and teaching such subjects as Contemporary Labor Issues, Labor History, and Women and Work.

For information about educational materials produced by the Rochester Education Alliance of Labor (REAL) — coloring books, videos, curriculum guides — contact