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2003 Labor Film Series


FRIDAY, 5 September. 8 p.m.
(Ermanno Olmi, Italy 1961, 93 min., Italian with subtitles) This simple, comic, yet insightful story follows a young man through the initial months of his first job in a large, impersonal corporation. Director Olmi's (The Tree of Wooden Clogs) early documentary training is abundant in this late neorealist gem. The non-professional male and female leads won prizes for the film at both the 1961 Venice and London film festivals.

FRIDAY, 12 September. 8 p.m. — Rochester Premiere
(Chris Marker, France 1977/1993, 179 min.) Described by Marker (La Jetée, Sans Soleil) as "Scenes from the Third World War", this epic essay knits together footage of Vietnam, Che Guevara and Paris '68 in an arresting commentary on the role of the New Left in international affairs. Restored and re-worked by the director in 1993, the film still retains its relevance and intensity in light of recent protests and possible pre-emptive attacks.

FRIDAY, 19 September. 8 p.m. — Rochester Premiere
(Jean Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium/France 2002, 103 min., French with subtitles) A carpenter (Olivier Gourmet - winner of the Cannes Film Festival's Best Actor prize) knowingly takes on as his apprentice the 16-year old boy responsible for his son's death. Withholding his knowledge from the oblivious assistant, the craftsman develops a tentative relationship with the boy that leads to an emotionally shattering conclusion. This viscerally enthralling drama with innovativepoint-of-view camera work is from the realist-humanist pair of Belgian brothers who brought us Rosetta and La Promesse.

FRIDAY, 26 September. 8 p.m.
(Jerry Lewis, US 1961, 92 min.) Oh Laaaady! The frantic, fumbling Jerry takes on an entry-level job at a big time Hollywood studio and "go figure" chaos ensues. The hilarious gag-filled episodes recall classic silent comedy, the films of Jacques Tati, and Lewis' own The Bellboy. Plus: Charlie Chaplin wreaks his own kind of havoc at a movie studio in HIS NEW JOB (Charles Chaplin, US 1915, 20 min.)

FRIDAY, 3 October. 8 p.m. — Rochester Premiere
Visiting Artist Robert M. Young presents
ALAMBRISTA! - THE DIRECTOR'S CUT (THE ILLEGAL) (Robert M. Young, US 1977, 96 min.) This gentle, beautifully shot film follows a Mexican farm worker who makes the illegal trek North to California and soon discovers that America is hardly the land of milk and honey. Alambrista!'s relevance is reflected in the impact of NAFTA and recent laws to limit the influx of undocumented workers. Veteran Producer and Director Young (Triumph of the Spirit, Short Eyes) will answer questions following the screening of his recently re-cut and re-scored debut feature.

FRIDAY,10 October. 8 p.m. — Rochester Premiere
(Ken Loach, UK 2001, 92 min.) Political filmmaker and agent provocateur Loach tackles the effects of privatization on British Rail employees and their families in England. The story follows a group of men who must adjust to new, more difficult working conditions when they are informed that their government jobs have been sold off to the highest bidder. Utilizing a fictional take on real historical events, Loach again chronicles the crippling effects of corporate strategies on the working classes.

FRIDAY, 17 October. 8 p.m. — Rochester Premiere
(Chantal Akerman, France 2002, 99 min., video, English and French and Spanish with subtitles) Acclaimed Belgian filmmaker Akerman's powerful new documentary was shot alohe Arizona-Mexico border where Mexicans trying to find work cross illegally every day. This heartbreaking and compassionate study of migrant workers and American property owners maintains a respectful and artful dnce from its subjects while still offering a thorough, journalistic report.

FRIDAY, 24 October 8 p.m.
(Gillo Pontecorvo, Italy/France 1969, 112 min) In this story based on historical fact, thefascinating Marlon Brando plays William Walker, a British agent who is sent to a Caribbean Island in 1845 to teach black sugar plantation workers the art of revolution against the Portuguese landowners. Though Walker's intentions are for the British to eventually gain control, his plans are thwarted when the charismatic revolutionary leader he installed refuses to accept any sort of colonization. This rousing political adventure is the equal of radical filmmaker Pontecorvo's The Battle of Algiers.


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