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Updating the Rochester: A Community of Workers exhibit

Union members and locals have been asked to contribute information for this section. This material will be included in the areas outlined below.

Overview: Changes in the documented unions and worksites
Since the early 1990s changes have occurred at many of the documented worksites and unions. These changes are described in this section. They are first addressed by sector and then their wider impact is considered.

Industrial Sector Changes
(More to come on mergers, off-shoring, union-busting, technology)

Construction Sector Changes
(More to come on unfair hiring, etc.)

Public and Service Sector Changes
(More to come on privatization, layoffs, etc)

Communications and Transportation Sector Changes
(More to come on mergers, technology, part-time, etc.)


  • on unions (density, power)
  • on workers (employment, working conditions)
  • on community (tax base, etc.)

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