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machinist at work


List of coloring book illustrations

  • Teacher reading with children
  • Librarian helping student
  • Social worker advising student
  • Letter carrier sorting mail at post office
  • Sanitation worker collecting garbage
  • Parks worker trimming shrubs
  • Firefighter pulling hose from truck
  • Food service workers preparing salads
  • Restaurant workers waiting at tables
  • Nurses aides lifting nursing home resident
  • Clerks checking out groceries at supermarket
  • Iron workers repairing bridge
  • Operating engineer digging holes for concrete posts
  • Electrical worker installing high voltage cables
  • Plumber soldering industrial pipe
  • Laborer shoveling gravel
  • Laborer shoveling a wheelbarrow load of gravel
  • Carpenters building forms at construction site
  • Bricklayer building a wall
  • Machinist operating a turret lathe
  • Seamstress stitching material for garment
  • Mechanics adjusting machine in auto parts plant
  • Assembly line workers building electrical motors
  • Forklift operator moving pallets at industrial plant
  • Journalists writing newspaper copy
  • Broadcast technicians editing at television studio
  • Printer operating offset press
  • Bus driver taking on passengers
  • Musicians rehearsing for symphony concert
  • Teamsters loading delivery trucks
  • Mounted police officer patrolling traffic


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